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Zemari Yilma Hailu ሊቀመዘምራን ይልማ ኃይሉ በሊብያ ለተሰዉ የኢትቶጵያ ኦርቶዶክሳዊት ተዋህዶ ሰማዕታት አዲስ የወጣ መዝሙር

እንሆ ጭጋግና ታላቅ ጨለማ ኀዘንና መከራ ጭንቀትና ታናቅ ሁከት በምድር የሚደረግ....

Isayas Be Tnbit - Zemari Yilma Hailu ( Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmure)

This is a remake of an older version of the mezmur. I really love and I hope you enjoy it, please share and like the video. I woul....

Zemari Yilma Important Message

zemari yilma warning about Ethiopians immigrats through out Mideast usually including Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon,Syria,Turkey, Iran,Ira....

Zemari Yilma Hailu

Welcome to my Youtube channel! I will be uploading every few weeks! Please remember to subscribe and comment below. While you are ....

Zemari Yilma Mezmur With Piano

This is an old Ethiopian Orthodox mezmur sung by Yilma which is also accompanied by a piano or similar instrument. The issue of th....

Gena Enzemralen By Liq Zemari Yilma Hailu

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmure and Ethiopian Music|new music|Mezmure|amharic|habesha| new|adisamete 2013 Gena Enzemralen..

Liqe Mezemran Yilma Hailu - Maregn (with Lyrics)

All rights reserved to the artist and their production company. ሊቀ መዘምራን ይልማ ሀይሉ - ማረኝ..

Zemari Yilma

emekabishalew emebete so nice mezmur..

Ewnet Selhone By Zemari Yilma Hailu

Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo-Mezmur- Liqe Mezemeran Yilma Hailu Ewnet Silehone እውነት ስለሆነ..

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Royals - Lorde

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Position 1 this week is Royals by Lorde. From album Pure Heroine released on September 27, 2013

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Waterfalls by TLC

Waterfalls - TLC

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Position 247 this week is Waterfalls by TLC. From album CrazySexyCool released on November 22, 1993

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