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Top 50 Strongest Avatar The Last Airbender & Legend Of Korra Characters 安昂 柯拉 [series Finale]

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Avatar And Legend Of Korra- Salute

This song is perfect for all the kick ass women in both these shows. Hope you enjoy..

The Legend Of Korra Book 4 | Balance Official Trailer | Nick

Can Korra maintain balance in a world that is rapidly changing? The final season of The Legend Of Korra begins Friday Oct 3 with a....

Korra Vs Dark Avatar Final Fight- Avatar The Legend Of Korra Hd

Korra Vs Dark Avatar Unalaq Final Fight- AVATAR The Legend of korra Avatar The Legend of Korra BookSpirit Korra vs Unalaq Korra vs....

Avatar The Legend Of Korra The Movie 2016

The events of the game occur in the three weeks between what happened in the second and third seasons of the series, which aired i....

Avatar Korra Vs Kuvira: Full Fight [hd]

The Battle of Zaofu; The Great Uniter faces off against Avatar Korra in this epic showdown!! --------------------------------- Cli....

Korra Meets The First Avatar

Check out a clip from the upcoming Korra storyline where Korra meets Wan (voiced by The Walking Dead's Steven Yuen), the first Ava....

The Legend Of Korra Book 4 | Reunion: 'return Of The Avatar' Clip | Nick

Korra comes back to Republic City, but her return is marred due to Kuvira's actions. Subscribe if you love Nickelodeon and want to....

Avatar Aangs Grandchildren Meet Toph - The Legend Of Korra

When Aangs grandchildren meet toph for the fisrt time..

Aang & Tenzin - Clip: Avatar The Legend Of Korra

"Dad, I've failed you. I am no spiritual leader, and I've let the world down. I'll never be the man you were." "You are right. You....

The Legend Of Korra Book 3 | Official Trailer | Nick

The Legend of Korra returns on June 27 at 7pm/6c with Book 3: Change. The epic new season is filled with new characters, adventure....

Where Legend Of Korra Went Wrong

From split up plots to a relationship that wasn't hinted well, where do you think Legend Of Korra went wrong and how could have it....

The Legend Of Korra - Avatar State Soundtrack [hq]


Legend Of Korra 2x3 Reaction!! civil Wars, Part 1

Eric Shane Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss season 2 episode 3 of Legend of Korra Civil Wars Part 1 Like the stuff on our tab....

Avatar: Legend Of Korra Ending Theme

This is a looping of the original 23 second outro. All credit goes to Jeremy Zuckerman. Download Link ....

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Final Chapter boss Battle | Korra Avatar State Vs Hundun

This is a final boss battle of The Legend of Korra on PS4 Korea is an American animated television series that premiered on the Ni....

Avatar Girls - Bang Bang - The Legend Of Korra Amv

Korra J - Bang Bang feat. Asami Grande & Lin Minaj..

Legend Of Korra: The Next Avatar | Lore In A Minute! | History Of The Avatar Universe | Octopimp

Octopimp tells the story of Korra and her quest to bend it like Aang! Subscribe to LORE: Follow Lore o....

Avatar: Legend Of Korra Lesbian Grand Finale

It's as though millions of giggle-squees sounded all at once, then were suddenly silenced..

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