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Angry German Kid (subtitles)

crazy german kid screaming at computer dont we all..

Agk Episode 29 - Angry German Kid Does Drugs

Inspired by: TehAGKseries Leopold takes drugs at school, is he getting caught?.

The Angry German Kid Show - Episode 27: Agk Meets The Angry Japanese Kid

AGK reveals the moving truck is at his neighborhood, and it is AJK. Will AGK and AJK become friends? Enjoy! I own NOTHING!.

Angry German Kid - The Original

This is the original version, no text or vid, just the pzycho screams and the lulz Btw: Not Me! An actor named Leopald or sumethin....

Agk Ep 38 Angry German Kid Plays Five Nights At Freddy's

Leopold decides to buy a game from Steam called Five Night's at Freddy's. This video was requested by gabriel adkins. Thanks for t....

Angry German Kid Plays Flappy Bird

Angry German Kid plays Flappy Bird Created by FegelDolfParodies Clips from: Angry German Kid and Flappy Bird ( Instagra....

The Angry German Kid Show - Episode 24: Agk Vs His Uncle

This is the crazy battle with Leopold and his uncle, Gerald Slikk, and who will win? Enjoy! I do NOT own anything!.

Agk Episode 1 - Angry German Kid Gets Suspended

Inspired by Many AGK makers Leopold goes to school, Plays GTA V and gets suspended from school..

S3 E3 | Angry German Kid Goes To Las Vegas (again)

It took me a long time to edit this episode. Sorry about that. Leopold is unhappy that he has to go back to Las Vegas with his dad....

Angry German Kid Reaction!

This time, I react to a video called "Angry German Kid (subtitles)", which was requested by Damani Amsterdam. That kid really need....

Agk Episode 10 - Angry German Kid Tries To Upgrade His Computer

HOLY CRAP! AN 15 MINUTE AGK EPISODE! Leopold tries to upgrade to windows 8 but instead of upgrading his PC, he downgrades it. Sorr....

Agk Episode #48: Angry German Kid Gets Attacked By Twilight Fangirls

Leopold reads the novel Twilight and hates it. After expressing his opinions on it in class, he gets attacked by insane fans of th....

Agk Ep 29 Angry German Kid Plays Sonic Exe

Leopold gets a free Sonic game from SEGA, however, it turns out the the game is actually Sonic.exe. NOTE: The video's and audio's ....

The Angry German Kid Show - Episode 5: Agk's Grandpa

To be honest, this is the hardest episode that I made, so that took me a lot of hard work to make this episode, and this episode i....

Agk Episode #38: Angry German Kid Gets Annoyed By Mario Head

Leopold gets annoyed by the floating head of Mario..

The Angry German Kid Show - Episode 23: Agk's Uncle

AGK's uncle is coming over to visit, and will he ever kill Leopold and his brothers? Enjoy! I don't own anything!.

Angry German Kid Episode 7 : Agk Steals Christmas

It's been 138 days since I haven't upload a AGK episode, this is Christmas associated, since it's almost Christmas. I saw a lot of....

Agk Ep 22 Angry German Kid Cuts School

Leopold does not want to go to school because he has tests and he has to write an essay about why Fred Figglehorn is awesome. So L....

Angry German Kid Plays Grand Theft Auto V

Angry German Kid plays Grand Theft Auto V Created by FegelDolfParodies Clips from: Angry German Kid and GTA V (gameplay by Momotar....

Agk Episode 98: Angry German Kid Goes To The Movies

Leopold wants to see a movie that is rated R at the movies, but will he get caught? Next Episode: Angry German Kid goes to Wales..

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