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Angry German Kid (subtitles)

crazy german kid screaming at computer dont we all..

Angry German Kid Plays Flappy Bird

Angry German Kid plays Flappy Bird Created by FegelDolfParodies Clips from: Angry German Kid and Flappy Bird ( Instagra....

Agk Episode 98: Angry German Kid Goes To The Movies

Leopold wants to see a movie that is rated R at the movies, but will he get caught? Next Episode: Angry German Kid goes to Wales..

Agk Episode #38: Angry German Kid Gets Annoyed By Mario Head

Leopold gets annoyed by the floating head of Mario..

Angry German Kid: Episode 2 - Agk Gets A Virus

AGK's computer crashed, when he rebooted it, there was a virus... THE VIRUS VIDEO WAS NOT MINE!!! Credit to pokeyoshi3 for the vir....

Angry German Kid's Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! Angry German Kid's Christmas 2013 Created by FegelDolfParodies Clips from Angry German Kid Instagram http://www.i....

Agk Ep 29 Angry German Kid Plays Sonic Exe

Leopold gets a free Sonic game from SEGA, however, it turns out the the game is actually Sonic.exe. NOTE: The video's and audio's ....

Angry German Kid

truth: impatient german kid goes to play unreal tournement and chucks a spaz cause the game isnt leaning in his favor...apparently....

Angry German Kid Plays Grand Theft Auto V

Angry German Kid plays Grand Theft Auto V Created by FegelDolfParodies Clips from: Angry German Kid and GTA V (gameplay by Momotar....

Agk Episode 7: Angry German Kid Goes Back To School

Leopold likes going back to school. However, he got ambushed by his fake parents. Leopold meets a new student, Erika..

Agk Episode 141: Angry German Kid Skips School

Leopold skips school because he doesn't want to do the quiz because he didn't study for it. Will his skipping school plan suceed o....

Angry German Kid: Agk Episode 4 - Angry German Kid Takes The Stupid Quiz

Leopold Slikk forced to go to school and takes the stupid quiz. Will he pass? Let's find out!.

The Angry German Kid - Ep.2: Leopold Tries To Get A New Video Game

The Angry German Kid - Episode 2: Leopold got banned on Unreal Tournament so he phones his dad (Harold Slikk) and tricks him on bu....

Agk Ep 26 Angry German Kid Reacts To Justin Bieber's Arrest

Leopold finds out that Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami. NOTE: The video's and the audio's that have been used in this vid....

Agk Episode #61: Angry German Kid Gets Detention

Leopold gets sent to detention for playing games in class. However, he does things you shouldn't do in detention..

Ep. #3 | The Angry German Kid Has A Bad Day

The world is out to get Leopold..

Agk Ep #5: Angry German Kid Gets Another Girlfriend

AGK Ep 5: The Angry German Kid Aka Leopold Slikk goes on the dating site to find another girlfriend, he finds this girl called Lil....

Agk Episode 1 - Angry German Kid Gets Suspended

Inspired by Many AGK makers Leopold goes to school, Plays GTA V and gets suspended from school..

Agk Episode #20: Angry German Kid Gets Busted

While his parents are at the store, Leopold tries to go on the computer. Unfortunately, his parents eventually find out..

Agk Episode 127: Angry German Kid Watches The K-fee Commercials

Leopold watches the K-Fee commercials, and what happens after he watches the commercials? Inspired by: AGKandVideomaker2000 and Ki....

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